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As a TWU supporter you need to understand that the members like yourself took so long to sign cards that the IBT just beat us to the punch. The IBT cards are sent to washington ware paid organizers can sort and get cards on a daily basis to be filed. We the AMFA suporters had guys in Dallas who on their own time did the same job. So all the cards went to Dallas for that reason. To keep them safe, as well, until we got enough guys to sign cards.

Chuck works in NY, he collected cards as we all did system wide.

If AA had not filed papers the same day as the IBT we would of had our cards as well filed the very next day.
From my understanding we had more cards than the IBT and with the proof to show the over inflated numbers that AA said were elegible are actual lies.

The NMB used the rules and that is water under the bridge. Now depending on what the NMB does with the IBT cards and the influence of the TWU and AA, we get a vote or NOT.

What each member does at that time will be on them, check the box for the TWU or the IBT or write in AMFA on the NMB's ballot. Then we all will know which union AA's mechanics will have in the future.

Chuck also resigned his position to get into the fight for the cause he believed in. To replace the TWU with a union he thinks will be the best for all of us. He has a choice as well as YOU.
AMFAinMiami CIO will not be getting a vote because there will be no vote. The ibt filed short to block the AMFA as I have stated before. Even if there were a vote he cannot make a choice because he is retired along with his wife who took the early out.
I blame the likes of Chuck who has done nothing for our profession but tear down unions while being paid to represent. He had a simple task to file cards and did a piss poor job. Why anyone would follow this guy is beyond me!!!
It's easy to point fingers at other people. Chuck spent a lot of him time and money (along with several others) to try to make something happen for the good of us all. The TWU has not represented us (AMTs) as they should have over the years. Anyone who tries to say they have is sadly misinformed or, worse, a koolaid drinking TWU stooge who keeps pushing their lies hoping for an appointed international position. We have the worst contract in aviation and it was also the worst ten years ago when AA was no where near able to file BK. Other unions negotiated much better terms while in BK and for less years than we will suffer with this crap. And before you try to say we got "Raises" remember that this contract is COST NUETRAL. This means that any so called raises are paid for by more concessions. Keep trying to tell me that stock clerks and fleet service deserve better benefits than AMTs. Also I'd like for you to show me how a stock clerk or fleet service clerk could get bumped to a $5 pay cut while still doing the same job. In case you forgot, AMTs are getting forced into AMT-O positions where they don't get paid for their license! Are there any stock clerks that don't get skill pay??? I refuse to be treated like a second class citizen by a union that I pay dues to. Thank you Chuck for having the berries to do and say what the rest of us don't have the guts to.

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