Big Announcement Coming Next Friday

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Friday Night Blights
The foolish companies that try to hide their bad news on Friday.

"Investors and journalists have long complained that companies release bad news—a failed product trial, a recall, a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation—on Fridays, particularly after the market closes.

So I can sleep in tomorrow and not miss anything?
I agree 100% with The NYC Bus Driver. :up:
Since this forum is full of (for the most part), interested and maybe also concerned employees, some just rant alot and other may only crave information, a thread such as this regarding a rumor is just that...a rumor. However, most rumors are propagated by some facts. In this case, if anyone has any facts, they should feel free to tell everyone on this forum, knowing that as you remain ananimous, your facts remain nothing more than part of the rumor. Some individuals on this forum claim, all to often, that they know more than anyone else, yet fail to be honest and only appear to sound sincere. Do we have to give the secret handshake to hear any of your version? of course not, because anything on this forum doesn't mean a thing and certainly isn't going to change the course of events and who really cares!!!!

The rumor has USairways making a deal with DL/NW for gate space in LGA. It has long been known that since the merger, USAirways has requested rights to fly from PHX and LAS to LGA. Though these routes would require a waiver because of the stage length, it would have seemed plausible that the PA would approve it since DL received a waiver to fly to Salt Lake City. This may be part of the discussion. Also another part of the deal may include the 330's that USAirways had ordered before the merger and ended up at NW instead. DL doesn't want them so they may be coming home as part of the gate deal.

OK...take it away CM!!!!!!!
US never gave up 330s on order to any airline, in fact they increased the order of widebodies, not decreased it and NW ordered and took delivery of their own A330s, not US' as US never deferred or canceled the 330s.
Does anyone know for sure The Big Announcement will be tommorrow? We all have been waiting a month now. Whats taking so looooooooong?
KTM, I agree with your thoughts on the PANYNJ granting a waiver on the perimeter rule; however, I was told by a person with knowledge of the discussions that this is not part of the current negotiations. In my opinion, US Airways should hold out and use the current discussions as leverage to obtain LGA to PHX & LAS service.

Hopefully this will happen and US Airways will be granted approval to fly LGA to PHX & LAS.


Western and other airlines sued the Port Authority and lost I doubt the Port will give in on granting it, cause if they do if for US they have to do it for everyone.

And switching terminals doesnt give US leverage to use against the PA, people forget CO owns the terminal and US is just the tenant
700UW, I agree with you regarding that the PANYNJ will probabaly not grant a perimeter rule waiver to US Airways for LGA to PHX & LAS service. However, where management may have some leverage is that Delta reportedly wants to do the deal and they're reportedly telling NYC and PA officials they will expand operations and increase vendor operations, which will bring in more revenue for PANYNJ.

If the PA wants to see an increase of money for NYC and the PANYNJ then maybe the US Airways' Executive Suite may have some leverage or it could threaten not to do the deal; however, I was told the PA will not grant US Airways the ability to fly LGA to PHX & LAS.

Lets hope the PA changes their position on US Airways' perimeter rule request.


But you forget part of the rumored deal would involve the closing of the MAT and the loss of revenue from vendors in that facility.
I am not sure of the wisdom in DL expanding operations in a currently declining passenger base.
Especially when they all ready have a hub at JFK, would the Port and the DOJ let them expand at LGA?
The DOT/DOJ may not approve any corporate transaction that resulted in DL growing capacity beyond a certain point in LGA given DL's large JFK presence. Organic growth is one thing, but a purchase is another. If nothing else, depending on the size of the transaction (if there even is one), this will likely be reviewed by the DOT/DOJ. Let's remember US already has quite a sizable presence in DCA, too.
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