Keep the IAM

Mesa airlines is our regional carrier. We don't work their flights and they ours. We are the A gate majority, they are the B gate majority. They have the regional jets, we have the big daddy's. The most we see them is when they come to grab their bags off of our flights. We are kinda like 2 seperate airlines in a way.

I'll say this: There are some real yahoo's working there haha!
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I can almost feel the IBEW weakening …. As it was , the IBEW supporters were facing an uphill battle , not only would they have needed to win an election BUT they would also have had to contend with the possibility of the national refusing to send in the cards due to their alliance with the IAM .While nothing is official yet , I’m pretty much going to assume it’s a forgone conclusion much like the COC (from my perspective anyways)…

To the next person who says we need to bring in XYZ union since the IBEW is/will be out (yet to be determined ) I say this to you . You tire me .First I was TWU , now IAM , then it was possibly the IBT , then they pulled out and IBEW was all the rage …. This is where I stop caring …… :closedeyes:

I mean no disrespect to anyone who supports the IBEW and has given their all in this drive , I admire your strength to push for what you feel is right and while we may be divided over which union to chose or our opinion on how the IAM has performed , we are not divided in wanting to get a fair contract as quickly as possible . I respect all of you , east or west , field station or Hub , part or full time .


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I’m not running , are you ? I know my station should get some good representation at the local level , will YOURS? Does your IBEW team have a plan B ? Don’t be left standing without local leaders when the music stops !

hmm i'm not sure when the local election are here , but they are coming soon , some of the other guys might know .
maybe your right you shouldn't worry about who's next to represent you . You don't seem to know that much about the

union you have now. local elections / meetings / voting on contracts etc etc. should be pretty common knowledge to any involved in

there local . so keep cutting your teeth on the IAM someday you'll catch up to speed with the rest of us

one other thing .. If you wanted to run for a office. you would have to have at least 4 meetings in a year to qualify..

have you met the minimum

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I’m not going to go into detail about our upcoming election because that’s our business and we mostly discuss national issues on this board rather than regional ones .

I do NOT attend the local meetings , I HATE the way they conduct them , giant snooze fests is what they are . This doesn’t mean I’m not involved in our union , it simply means that I’m not interested in the minutia of union business . We Do however have a great PHX chair who keeps us informed on an almost weekly basis of what’s happening so it’s not like I’m sitting in a corner staring at a wall .

I know the meetings are boring .. been to many of um.. but I have also been to meetings where things were dicussed

and later to here the chair put his spin on back in the field and it to be a different story.. So I guess what I am saying go to the meetings

and get the facts first hand..

remember your chair reports to his AGC and Canale .( which by the way it should be the other way around , he should have to report

to his membership) so if they put a bug in his ear to say this or that .. if you don't attend meetings you don't know what is fact or fiction

been there myself.

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no , the meetings are too boring :closedeyes: :closedeyes: :closedeyes: i'll go out and protest/picket anyday of the week, but there had better be one DARN good reason for me to have to attend an IAM meeting ... :closedeyes:
see ,
thats where I lose you .. because You keep saying stick with the IAM but you don't want to waste your time getting involved

at the local level . Your local and union is only has strong as it members. I do understand if you have been in the IAM

for years and are frustrated because you can't get change from within at national level from being a strong local . it's because

THATS HOW THE IAM IS STRUCTURED .. it ensures that the NATIONAL will always stay intact and dictate to you WHAT they are GOING

to DO.. that is way change is needed