PHX House Cleaning

If we are lacking "real airline experince" from the old days God help us all. I am trying to reconcile that in my mind. How did we end up here? As far as being a "great airline"- we were a regional that had its biggest competition go out of business(Eastern)for some of the same reasons we almost did. When you don't have any competition and you can charge an arm and a leg in the most populated part of the country you can grow lazy. When you face real competition("SWA is coming to kill us"or whatever it was)you better be ready. CA ,BWI etc. was a prelude to what took place on the east coast. PIT barely survived. Things have changed
That is the difference between a job and a career. When we old timers started we had a true vested interest in learning everything we could about this industry and we took care of our company and our company took care of us. Now with HP it's just a revolving door (as it has always been with them) hence their reputation. It's not until the kids in Tempe realize that if you want to run a successful carrier (which I have my doubts they want to do or they would't be putting our pax or employees throught this) they need to be very selective on whom they hire and bring our wages back up to where they should be.