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Checking it Out

Apr 3, 2003
Since Amfa has decided not to talk about the card count, told their organizers to be quit and have censored the information. I thought I would give you an update based on information I have been told from key organizers of the 500 club.

Amfa started the card collections back in 1998. Many of the first signers on the latest drive were repeat customers. They do it out of habit. Since February of last year the third drive was started. The cards were sent in so the count went up quickly. Well many of them have expired. A committee was set up to resign those cards. Now here comes the first part of March. Members were upset about the concessionary contract. The signed cards averaged 20 a day. Now Amfa is spending additional time to get these cards resigned. If you take into account a portion is not being signed, Amfa elected to have the card update removed from the website instead of showing a declining card count.

Amfa has been averaging 7 cards a day since mid September. As the numbers showed on the site Amfa was at 8848. Well the number was distorted. Here comes a meeting in the first part of February with the organizers. Word gets out to the supporters that the count was shorter than what was announced. Amfa stepped up the pace and started sending out more mailings and sent the organizers out to push for more cards to be signed. This produced little results. So Amfa national sent a letter and a mailing. This produced about 100 cards. Still short Amfa decided to hold informational meetings at MCI figuring this may produce a few more cards. Here it is, the second day of the verification process from the national and Amfa is calling an informational meeting. This indicates they expect to be short.

Amfa organizers admitted last month the cards were short about 2000 from the numbers Amfa established. The original amount needed was about 10,500 in order to achieve 60%. This has been revised to 9500 and the 60% was has now been whittled down to 55%. Well the numbers have changed again and the valid cards are lower than the 8848. The numbers are closer to 7800 if you take into account the cards are still expiring at a rate of 7 per day Amfa established 16,000 thousand members as a threshold.

Amfa has to make a decision by Saturday. First, do they file with what they have, do they file with the knowledge each passing day produces a higher percentage of cards expiring or do they ask the organizers to go out and seek more cards? I feel if you hear an announcement this week they have decided to wait you will start hearing the standard slogans from past drives, One comes to mind “We will file by Easter!â€￾ I also expect they will not tell you the numbers they have! This is an attempt to suppress, in an effort to energize the rabbit. You can fully expect if they decline to file and seek more cards you can bet the 2000 is probably accurate! If Amfa is so open and democratic than why are they suppressing information? If they have nothing to hide than why have they opted to keep you in the dark?

If the Amfa organizers fail to respond with an update or divert attention you can bet this information is accurate!
One problem with your theory.

Wouldnt those who were the first ones to sign cards be the easiest to get re-signed?

Here in NY the cards did not show up until around May.

We will find out next week.

So are you going to anwer my questions about Union officials on company payroll?

Your fishing expedition will get you nowhere.

We are NOT "censoring" anything. It is simply a strategic move that you constantly prove is the correct move. Your conitnued fishing by flaming is a hoot. However, your post does prove one thing. That this drive did indeed start long before the current concessions, therefore you have dispelled another TWU myth, that AMFA is preying upon a bad situation. Thanks for the clarification. I figure 5 years for a drive of this size and magnitude is about industry average.

I told you before, all you will know, is there will be a filing, an election, and then an AMFA victory celebration.

What part of we are done with TWU dont you understand?

By God CIO, you are by far the hardest headed person I have come across.

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff... I SMELL FEAR!
Hold on to your pants CIO I think you will be very surprised real soon. But dont take my word for it what do i know :shock:
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I believe my point has been proven! Divert and not answer the issue! The information I received is apparently the truth!

Resigns? Not necessarily, since many have opted to not resign.

Dave wishing in one hand, a dollar in the other will get you a cup of coffee!

Election I doubt it! You are on the 42nd year at AA to organize! The current drive is 5 years old!

Fear? No! Not from me!

Fishing Yes, sounds good, the weather is about right! Thanks,
Received: 03/02/04 19:17:52 EST
Name: The Serenity Prayer
Employer: AA
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma


God, grant me the serenity to accept that the TWU cannot be changed.

Courage to change my representation to AMFA.

And the Wisdom, to excecute my ballot accordingly.

It is written: Those who do not sign thy AMFA card are stricken from asking thee of card counts!! Show us your card CIO!
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I believe informer is talking from both sides of his mouth?

No further comment.

I will let actions speak the rest of this story.

Then reposts again? You have to wonder? Apparently someone is pulling his strings.

No corrections or amendments to the topic? Apparently it's the truth?

If the Amfa organizers fail to respond with an update or divert attention you can bet this information is accurate!
Checking it Out said:
I believe informer is talking from both sides of his mouth?

No further comment.

I will let actions speak the rest of this story.

Then reposts again? You have to wonder? Apparently someone is pulling his strings.

No corrections or amendments to the topic? Apparently it's the truth?

If the Amfa organizers fail to respond with an update or divert attention you can bet this information is accurate!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

FYI...the AMTs in my station started filing in APRIL, the Title II Guys were finished in June and the Title IV were beyond that.

Bottom Line is that we will get rid of the TWU now or later.
March 31, 2003

James C. Little

Administrative Vice President, Air Transport Division

Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO

1791 Hurstview Dr.

Hurst, Texas 76054

Re: Summary of the 2003 Contract changes

This will confirm our understanding reached during the negotiations leading up to the agreement signed on (DOS), 2003. During these negotiations, we discussed many changes intended to achieve sustained long-term financial relief from the current provisions of the TWU labor agreements. This letter is intended to recap the majority of the agreed upon changes. Changes are listed by Title groups: I (Mechanics and Related), II (Facilities, Automotive, Cabin Cleaners, Utility and Building Cleaners), III (Fleet Service), IV (Fuelers), V (Stock Clerks), T/S (Technical Specials), Disp (Dispatch), Metro (Meteorologists), Sim Techs (Simulator Technicians) and Instrs (Ground School and Pilot Instructors).

Pay Related

Effective May 1, 2003:

§ Base wage pay reduction, varying percentages (all groups)

§ Elimination of all longevity pay(I & II)

§ Modified longevity pay, start after 17 years, current rates (III, IV, V,T/S)

§ Reduced Sim Tech Coordinator premium by $.75/hour

§ Reduced Sim Tech Skill pay to $.10/hour

§ Reduced Pilot Simulator Instructors premium to $10.00/month

§ Reduced Ground School/Pilot Simulator Instructors standardization coordinator pay to $150.00/month

§ Reduced Pilot/Simulator Instructors work unit experience premium

§ Modified shift differential to $.01, $.02, $.03 (I, II, III, V, T/S, Sim Techs)

§ Elimination of weekend differential (I, II, V, at AFW, TUL, MCI)

§ Elimination of midnight skill retention premium (Sim Techs)

§ Training pay at straight time for off shift and day off (I, II)

§ Elimination of penalty lunch payment (I, II, III, IV, V)

§ Elimination of OT meal allowance (I, II, III, IV, V, T/S)

§ Penalty hours pay for actual time worked @ 1.5x (I, II, III, IV, V, T/S)

§ Reduce OT rate from 2x to 1.5x (I, II, III, IV, V)

§ Work 40 hrs to reach OT rate for day off overtime (III, V)

§ Elimination of debrief pay (T/S)

§ Elimination of Stock Clerk driver premium

§ Elimination of AMT premiums when displacing OSM employee

§ Elimination of Early Call-In guarantees (I, II, III, IV)

§ Elimination of short turn penalty due to shift bids (Art 21 d) (III, IV)

§ Elimination of CC premium when not working as CC (III,V)

Work Rules/ Other changes and effective dates:

Effective April 15, 2003:

§ Combine Systems/Structures into Generals (Title I)

§ Added 7 day labor loan provision (Bases only)

§ Increased AMT productivity through multiple work assignments/training

§ Holidays reduced from 10 to 5. The five (5) observed holidays will be: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day (all groups)

o Holidays- 5 days with roll @ 1.5x (I, II, III, IV, V, T/S, Sim Techs)

o Holidays- 5 days (no roll) @ 1.5x (Disp, Metro, Instrs)

Effective May 1, 2003

§ Reduce annual SK accrual to 5 days @ 100% (all except I & II)

§ Reduce annual SK accrual to 5 days, 1st two at 50% (I & II)

Effective May 3, 2003

§ 4/10s at Overhaul docks/TUL, duration of agreement

Effective within sixty (60) days of ratification:

§ Outsource RON/Ultraclean (II/III)

§ One time System protection credit for headcount reductions realized from work rule changes (all groups except Metro)

Effective thirty (30) days from ratification:

§ Reduce uniform provisioning and eliminate laundering (I, II, III, IV, V)

§ Outsource stores function at HDQ (6 Stock Clerks)

§ Relocate 4 Stock Clerks at ORD/GEM to ORD/M & E hanger

Effective as soon as practicable after DOS:

§ Change work schedule to 5 on, 2 off (T/S)

§ Reduced VC accrual one week (all groups)

§ Modify Crew Chief ratios:

AMT- 1:11.5

FSC- 1:9

Fuelers- eliminated ratio

Stores- 1:12


§ Medical & Dental plan modifications (all groups) Effective 1/1/04

§ SLOA Benefit Coverage reduced from 24 to12 months (all groups)

Effective 5/01/03

§ Eliminate STD Plan (all groups) Effective 1/1/04

§ Discontinue subsidized medical benefits RIF’d employees (all groups)

Effective 4/15/03

§ Modify IOD to 10 days (all groups) Effective 5/01/03 with the following transition:

o If the injury was incurred prior to 4/15/03, remaining applicable salary continuation through the end of the month up to the current 80 days

o If the injury is incurred on 4/15/03 or before 4/30/03, salary continuation for 10 days up to the current 80 days

o If the injury is incurred after 5/01/03, salary continuation for 10 days


James B. Weel

Managing Director

Employee Relations

Agreed to this date:


James C Little

Transport Workers Union, AFL-CIO


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Checking it Out said:
I see hopeful understands, he is speechless!
Yeah, that list of "without further ratification" concessions also leaves me speechless everytime I read them. Don't they have that same effect on you?