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Aug 20, 2002
..nothing will make up for some of the inconsistent pi$$ poor lacking in humanity customer service US is sometimes dishing out.I won't even venture back to AUG 2002, those misc. policy misjudgements deserve the Oscar of all Oscars. For keeps.
Case in point, new rule 10-1 states must use, change, or lose NON REF tkt by the end of the day of the flight, not the flight time as originally proposed. But it is understandable passgrs are still under the impression they must do so by the time of flight. There is written policy inconsistency in 4 different areas of the fare bulletins and rez bulletins and fare rules and voluntary chg rules sections of Sabre. Not to mention agent confusion. So a real life pasgr makes a change hurriedly the other morning by advice of the rez agent the night before who told her chg by the flight time. But if passgr had known she had all day she would have waited to make the change until end of day and only incur 1 chg fee, not 2 ,as it turned out for the 2nd change.
I won't mention what level Freq flyer she is. It should not matter to how the situation should have been resolved..
The new rules in one or 2 sections of sabre state this is for tks issued 10-1 and beyond, in other sections it doesn't address this distinction or stipulation clearly, implies or can be interpreted as for all new rule tkts 8-27 and beyond.This pasgrs tkt was issued 9-25 but she was forced by these vague rules and agts interpretation or misinterp., whatever the case may be,to change by flight time,and she did, but in her opinion, and mine, she did so unneccessarily. Couldn't get anyone to waive 2nd change fee..The chg fees, twice, were now more than the orig tkt price.
Just from sheer lunacy of the rules, not to mention the pasgr being misguided, IMO and hers, we should have waived it for goodwill measure.
Didn't happen.......
So how do you expect loyalty and goodwill and incoming business from passgrs while creating situations that are repeated hundreds of times a day, like this, or somewhat similar to this? How dare the company ask us for concessions when we see costly situations , giving away money and business like this day in and day out, and no one lobbies for change or reform or wants to take ownership,shrugged shoulders and a walk away is all you get. But hey .. hanging Halloween decorations in the office, yeh that takes priority,..literally.
And all the while we bust butt to sell and keep pasgrs on US all day long.
Would like to hear the opinions of the top Dm on this issue, or from anyone for that matter.
One way to resolve this is to clearly state and make all rules uniform for pre 27AUG and new rules uniform for post 27AUG..but that's too simple a solution,isn't it.
Hasnt anyone told you yet that loyality has nothing to do with the airline industry anymore? Its about fare fares fares !
On 10/8/2002 9:51:32 PM usfliboi wrote:

Hasnt anyone told you yet that loyality has nothing to do with the airline industry anymore? Its about fare fares fares ! [/blockquote]


Golly you're so right, it's all about the money,what on Earth was I thinking?

I say it's time for another sick day.

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