Dave's Latest Letter To Employees


If your not management, than why and how can you make authoritative statements that the "costs are coming down, one way or another, or the doors are closing"? What makes you an authority to make those definitive statements?


If Davey would have waited and gone into BK and abrogated our agreements, we would then all be free to do a "job action" strike once we would have emerged!!!! How would that have pleased Dave?

Weather sucks, Don't have any need to paint an unrealistic picture of the weather. For what purpose?Don't have a need to create the illusion that everything is rosy and peachy. When you try to deny the truth, with ignorance, or deception, you end up being snoockered.Catch my drift....
It does not matter what we've given in the past....it wasn't enough!
It will never SATISFY THEM>>

GREED THAT"S THEIR BOTTOM LINE>>>it's not the employee's position/PROBLEM

to CORRECT it.
THAT'S SIEGEL'S JOB>>IF HE's not stepping up to the plate-let the employee's
run the airline...

Golden, you're right. The only way this stops is for us to say NO. Until then they will keep coming back to the employee well. If we say yes a third time, you can bet there will be a fourth....and fifth...and sixth.

Just got my Dear Dave letter,
Got it marked return to sender with a note telling him to stop stealing our work and bring the airbus back inhouse to be overhauled.

I suggest all union workers who the company is violating thier contracts do the same.

What a waste of $10,000 to mail us those letters, I say mail them BACK!
I say we don't send it back without a point. I am sending mine back writing on it "I will fight in PHL and do whatever it takes to make this airline survive by doing my job the best I can, you do your job too. And, by the way, NO MORE GIVEBACKS!!!"
I say everybody send them back with the same message, let him get the point.
The letter from Dave sure is leading up to something...something major. I am not convinced he is coming for another paycut. It just may be something beyond any employee's control. It it enormously frustrating to receive letters like this when in this example it says SO much, but NOTHING at all. It is almost a game. We employees just want the facts...straight up. What is the major change? Crystal City....Don't leave us wondering..when you decide what your new business decision is THEN inform us.

This is what Dave intends to do. Trust, he will let us know what these changes to the business plan will be. And it won't be pretty for Labor.
I have to add my .02 cents worth. When Dave and the gang came on board i drank the kool-aid and fell for all the crap they fed us. I voted yes to the paycuts and give backs. I had high hopes and a new optimism for the new future of US Airways. I was even called management by Pitbull for my pro-Dave posts. Well Dave has totally lost my repect. What has he done with all the $ we gave back? NOTHING!!! He has squandered it. He acts like WN to PHL is the end of the airline. Why did he not make allowances or a contingency plan in the event of competition in PHL? This is a free market economy after all. So now we have this letter of our dire situation and our inablility to compete with the LCC's. You know Dave the industry was changing when we went into BK. It still is and will continue to do so. How short-sighted of you to not consider the evolving industry. The letter sounds like all this is unexpected. Were you an ostrich in a previous life?

Your letter talks about efficient ops, simpler pricing, better product, more productive workforce, and more flexible business model and we are working on it right now. What took so darn long. You've been here 18mos whats taking you so long? In Wolfs defense we used to be the No 1 airline in On time performance and highly ranked in other areas of service. Our product used to hold its own against the others. You have the tools and labor agreements for more productivity. Utilize it! As far as pricing $966.00 round trip for CLT-BHM thats crazy and its just the tip of the iceberg. No wonder US is the tyrant of CLT and PIT we have piss*d off everyone with our crazy fare structure. I checked in a family today they had three bags. There were old bag tags on the bags one was for RDU, one CAE and one GSO. I even joked to them about it. Im sure ART in ISP can shed even more light on this pricing issue. "It is the fares STUPID". Lastly regarding flexible business model. Dave you are the leader so lead, show us some respect and leadership.

Dont come picking my pocket again because i already gave. Id rather find another job than give you one more penny.

Non Rev
aka: nonrever
It is my understanding the our CEO is one of the highest paid CEO's in the airline industry...And that USAIRWAYS is very, very, very top heavy with management making very large salaries....

I believe the workers have given all that we can at this time between:

less money per hr...
higher health & dental premiums....
loss of vaction pay...
(75% now)...
loss of 3 holidays this year and 2 again next year
plus doing double work with less people...

I believe the saying about getting not being able to get "blood from a stone"...

Seems to me a few years ago Lee Ioacoca gave up his pay to work for 1 dollar a year, to turn his company around..It is called Chrysler....
Jon153 said:
okay folks, just think about it for a minute. When Dave came to this airline think about all of the stuff that was put on the backs of him and the managment.
I will agree with you only on the fact that yes, they had alot on their backs. They did what they had to do and so did we. Where they went wrong is their ignorance regarding or contracts. They continue to lie and steal. They interpret the contracts how THEY see fit. Their regime is done. They have no credibility left.

It is sort of like a marriage, husband/wife continues to cheat until it's too late. It doesn't matter what the other tries to do or say, the damage is done. Hence, this is where we sit.