My how far this airline has fallen!


Feb 20, 2004
Hmm... If memory serves, back in the late 90's USAir also had the highest RSM of any of the majors and along with Delta, basically owned the eastern corridor. So, I would say yes.
paging BoeingBoy...
is there anyway to verify this RASM?
that would be very helpful...


Nov 9, 2003
Here's US' reported mainline Yield and Passenger RASM from 1995 thru 2006 (East only for 2005 & 2006). If someone wants to go back and check what the other network carriers reported, have at it.

US Yield / RASM
1995 16.66 / 11.80
1996 17.46 / 11.95
1997 17.10 / 13.50
1998 17.02 / 13.80
1999 16.51 / 11.58
2000 16.13 / 11.36
2001 14.32 / 09.86
2002 13.05 / 09.27
2003 13.05 / 09.56
2004 12.43 / 09.33
2005 12.50 / 09.44 (East)
2006 14.02 / 10.97 (East)

These are the links to the Airline Data Project which provides Yield and Passenger RASM for all carriers from 1995 thru 2006. The US numbers are slightly different than reported in Annual reports, so I assume the other carrier's are too.


Passenger RASM

Finally, to see the other side of the equation - CASM - here's the link"




Dec 21, 2006
No they would rather impress us with new and unusual screwups.

Gaucho I've and read some dumb assed comments and made more than a few myself, however this one is in the top five. Let's see if I can quantify the silliness of your post.

You have 20 round trips per day to Europe, to be fair lets assume the seasonals run full time for discussion purposes. so that 40 flights per day time 365 days per year or 14,600 flights per year.

For the sake of discussion let's assume that all planes have 40 Envoy seats which is high by a significant factor. so you have 40 seats times 14,600 flights or 284,000 seats.

Let's also assume a 100% load factor on the cost side, but only 30% of the seats are paid seats due to all the free loading elites. 284K x .30 = 85,200 paid seats @ a low price of $3,000 or $255,600,000.

Let's say the awarding winning meals and extra service items cost an additional $20 per person or $5,680,000 annually assuming a very generous 100% load factor. The daily incremental cost is $15,555.00 per day.

Or put another way between 2 and 3 paid envoy tickets per day, NOT per flight.

Or the annual revenue generated by ONE Frequent Flyer per day!!!

That means that if one Art and one PineyBob leave US Airways for another carrier per day, US has lost twice as much revenue as it saved. Yet another example of the high cost of cheap.

Now I realize these are somewhat simplistic numbers and don't fully reflect all of the nuances of revenue planning. Especially since the majority of the Envoy seats are priced in the $7,000 range.

I hate when the corporate type pee all over my sneakers then look up and say "My Gosh look at the rain" When you stop being arrogant enough to think you have all of the answers that is the same minute your airline has the chance to reach its full potential.

I didn't mean to infer that the single decision to go all out in first class threw the company into bankruptcy, rather the collective attitude of spend, spend, spend...we must provide the best product regrdless of the cost. I just used the first class product as one example because that is the subject of this post. It's the accumulative effect of this attitude that causes problems.

Much has been said of the cost of cheap and knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. I beleive Piney has stated that more than once. I don't disagree. There is some truth in that and I beleive US has gone to cheap with some policies. Thankfully, they are rethinking many of these and doing an about face.

But the opposite of being too cheap is even worse. "Let's spend even more money than our competitors and make sure our product is better than theirs. If they retaliate and make theirs better, we'll just spend more money that we don't have tand beat them again." It doesn't do you any good to spend $5 billion dollars to bring in $4 billion in revenue. You are better off spending $1billion to bring in $2 billion in revenue. Yes, we lost $2 billion in revenue but ended up with a profit which is the goal of any business.

Let's all hope US can find the perfect balance between keeping costs down and still providing a good product. I think we're headed in he right direction.

And don't vote for Hillary.


Dec 24, 2002
PIT deportee
Not defending her, but you can get a glass of milk or a cup of Decaf on any other airline. Heck, you can't even get a glass or cup of anything on US. It's appalling the basic things that are a fight at this place.

As for her, what an idiot. These people act like it's our personal pantry and you as the F/A forgot to stock it with groceries that day. I didn't make these stupid decisions. Do I look like a girl who considers throwing my coat over a wall, and sipping wine out of a party cup while munching on Ruffles to be a classy experience? I sure hope not. The company needs to give us printed excuses for each item we don't have. I stopped making stuff up long ago.

To first class passenger; "Is there anything else I can disappoint you with today?"
Oh, don't worry, I don't say it, I just think it. <_<