More F/A Recalls

Remember folks....Schedulers DO NOT have the authority to fire you. They are JUST EMPLOYEES!!! Do not let them talk down to you or treat you like sh!t!! Stand up for yourselves. You would if another flight attendant treated you like that!!!!

You are correct, Schedulers do not have the authority to fire you. They will put you down as a "REFUSAL TO FLY" and report the incident to your supervisor/ base manager. They have the authority to discipline/ terminate you.
Somebody, and I won't name any names, has been drinking to much company Kool aid. :lol:

DCAFlyer, first of all you are twisting my words. You're reading comprehension skills are lacking. Plain and simple, you just don't get it. You make out like you know everything, but you don't. I don't know how long you've been a f/a but most of my friends in PHL don't put up with the 2am transatlantic trips. The LTO system has nothing to do with the shambles our transatlantic operation is in nor does it have anything to do with the late night transatlantic calls. I never said that it did so stop putting words in my mouth. I'm not going to explain myself anymore so if you want to waste time and go on and on about how wrong I am that is your prerogative. Have at it! Just know that to those of us in PHL who are living under this horrid system and being quick called in the middle of the night for 9 hour flights, you just look like a moron who doesn't know what he is talking about. As for my work ethic, you've never worked with me so you have no idea what my work ethic is like so stop acting like you do. BTW, are you a reserve? How long have you been flying? Were you ever furloughed? One more thing. You're right! It is all about Flight Chic! It's always all about Flight Chic! But next time you call me by name, you better spell my name correctly. It's very disrespectful when you misspell someone else's name.

I guess getting called at midnight for a transatlantic trip is different than when the west coast bases would call us for a late night. double legged red eye? We could be on duty for 12 hours and serve two hot meals on our red eye from LAX-IND and continuing IND-DCA.
One final thing - I refuse to discuss this any more. Good night! Sleep well!

BTW, you never answered my questions: When were you hired? How long have you been on reserve? Were you furloughed and if so when did you return from furlough?
F/C you are right on it's CRAZY to sit RSV 3 days then be called for a T/A trip...I will not do it and no one should do it...they the company FAA someone should do something about this un safe issue...if the company wants to protect the T/A flights they should offer 20 or 25 RSV's a future trip award, like a stand by OPR from home thing @1500 the day before...then REL them untill 1500 the next day that way they would have a well rested safe group to cover these flights...the pilots have PT times on RSV the F/A's should as well...but I guess this would not fly it mike make sense...BTW did you get ur self a big bow fer yr hair yet? how is that there sweet tea tasting...
These "discussions" are always so amusing and frustrating. It doesn't matter what is "right" or wrong it matters that this is a problem. LTO + 4am callout for FCO = unsafe.

Yeah, we do it, but it doesn't make it right or safe, so SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

PHL BULL proposed a solution that could work within the confines of the contract, put someone on OPR in their home, that way they have transport arranged and are ready. Scheduling could do that every night, give the person their 9:15 rest at 5am-1415 and bingo they have them for a future call.

Solutions people, not cavilling that you did it so why can't career reserves do it and yada yada. I find it arrogant that those without experience with LTO shoot off righteous statements. Embrace a little humility and open your mind to the misery inflicted on these people. I worked the old system and the nightmare LTO, there is no comparison. You can't rest, you can't go to the mall, for better or worse you're tied to the damn computer and you have no life. It wasn't like that with the seniority system because you were either out flying, in the dead zone or quick call queening. LTO took all of that predictability away.

Parroting the Tempe way of being blind to the circumstaces and insisting that "this is what you're here for" only exhibits their inferior intellect. Look at the whole picture. SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

I'm with Flight Chic, this discussion is over for me.
If I have to hear about the "PIT-PHL" breakfast one more time I think I'll vomit. First of all we all know it was unrealistic but ALL OTHER AIRLINES did it too. In fact other airlines on WIDE BODY aircraft did it. Not to mention half were probably bouncing around on texas booger sugar in the disco days and you had 4 flight attendants on a dc-9. Get over it already. As for the folks that say "go to work" and "do your job". More and more people are catching on to the late night/early wee hours of the morning transatlantic calls. NOT gonna happen. Sitting around on duty though NOT on an airplane? yeah well it doesn't make you NOT tired. When do you sleep? The problem is without shifts you don't know. It wouldn't be an issue if you didn't have to worry about flying 8 to 11 hours over the pond. If any of you think it's ok to do it then bid F'n reserve and do it. Those that talk about being on reserve and doing their time are oblivious to the changes. You DON'T know. No need to explain it any further. Your called and "forced" to go call the FAA and file your safety report. Enough said. :rolleyes:
If a flight attendant does n't want to fly, call in sick, fatigued, or what ever that is a decision that only they will have to deal with. I was on reserve on transatlantic came in from FCO and scheduling call me as soon as my rest was over to go back to FCO at 4am. If didn't happen always but it i did happen and I did the trip. I knew that it came with the job. I have also been on call to go to SEA at 2am and that was a also a 9 hr trip from sitting on the runway and the actual flight. I did it because it came with the job. I did it. We can't control what another flight attendant does so let's stop arguing about it.
Also the reason that the company doesn't cancel transatlantic trips to fly it out in the morning around let's say 9am is because it would throw the system off by 2 days because of the time zone and we would be have to put passenger up in another hotel when to get across the pond because of connections because we would arrive in Europe so late a night. Let's just agree to disagree on this topic.
Uuuuugh somebody get me a bucket. :lol: When I hear a f/a talk about the PIT-PHL breakfast I say, "Yeah well working the md-80 with three f/a's to Florida with genie trays on the phase 1 was no picnic". Remember the folding cart that you had to stack the meals on? It was horrid. OK, now moving on..... I sure hope that these folks returning know what they are in for. It's no picnic. Welcome to all of those that do decide to come back. Glad to have ya. :up: