Boycott Opening Day Celebrations

1AA said:
Give it a break will you please. I make a general comment and you have to analyze and break it down to details that no one at this point care about. Your not even employed by either airline.
For once i have to agree with you 1AA. It does become quite irritating at times just knowing it's coming.
The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today announced it declined management's invitation to participate in the “new” American Airlines’ opening bell ceremony at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport celebrating the carrier’s first day of stock trading on the NASDAQ.

“Make no mistake, this airline has ignored and disrespected IAM members at US Airways by its shameless refusal to settle a fair contract,” said IAM District 142 President Tom Higginbotham. “To stand there with American’s management and pretend there are no labor problems and celebrate ‘one airline’ would be an outright lie.”

IAM members at US Airways have been in contract negotiations for almost three years. The carrier’s management, headed by Doug Parker, who will assume the reins at the “new” American, has refused to settle new accords with IAM members at pre-merger US Airways. Earlier this year, the IAM requested a release from contract talks from the National Mediation Board (NMB), a federal agency, which, if granted, could lead to a strike.

“This is a merger in name only,” said IAM District 141 President Rich Delaney. “As long as this management team refuses to settle a fair contract, approximately 32,000 employees will remain separated and the merger’s synergies will not be realized.”

The IAM and Transport Workers Union (TWU) formed an alliance earlier this year, the TWU-IAM Employee Association, to jointly represent mechanic & related, fleet service and stockroom employees at the new airline. The agreement stipulates the TWU-IAM Association will request a single carrier determination from the NMB, a pre-requisite to integrating unionized workforces. This request will only occur once contracts are settled for IAM-represented workers at pre-merger US Airways. Workforce integration will be delayed for approximately 32,000 workers at the carrier, by far the largest percentage of the combined workforce, until the airline settles agreements with the IAM.

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TO: Presidents of AA, AE & US Airways Locals

FROM: Garry Drummond, Intl Vice President, ATD Director DATE: December 6, 2013

RE: Opening Day Merger Activities

Based on feedback from some of our Presidents, and in order to illustrate our unequivocal support for our brothers and sisters in TWU Locals at US Airways currently being ignored during unproductive negotiations, we have made the decision not to be involved in opening day ceremonies celebrating the merger.

GD:kla Opeiu 153

C: IAC ATD Staff
Sisters and Brothers,

Do to the fact that we are still under a concessionary contract I see no reason to celebrate or participate in the merger celebration today at the base.

Dale Danker

President, TWU local 514
LAS US Breakroom, food untouched.
Somebody stole some coffee cups off the aircraft.  If it was management, they should be fired.
But here in PIT, it was standing room only for the cake.  
Oh yeah, we'll show them.
Somehow I can believe that from all the Kool Aid drinkers in PIT.....Cant wait for all the crying when the closure begins....but wait you wont be furloughed according to Doug......just pretend you are a pinball !!!  One bright note for those still working in PIT, don't worry your job is secure as long as we are working under the crappy contract...because as 700 points out PIT still is a protected station!!! 
Rogallo said:
The line probably goes around the hangar at TUL!!!   :lol:
guy on days told me he didn't get to eat after stand in line twice they ran out of food both times.