Boycott Opening Day Celebrations

I boycotted so I can't say for sure but I heard they ran out of food too in Tulsa. I figure the people that went to eat are the ones who vote yes. Funny how they listen to the TWU when they are screwing their fellow employees out of their careers, but they won't say no to a piece of fried chicken? These guys are pathetic.
How many other stations have union officials cutting cake or handing out food when the union itself
recommended membership to not participate. ?????
Just amazing how a finger sandwich and a bag of chips is all it takes these days.
Just goes to show what type of union we have here at the Biggest Airline?
Wonder if the IAM boys are in/out?  any info?????
No need to see the big lines because here in Miami the union officers are even cutting the cake
I thought the presidents asked Drummond to write a boycott letter?
iluvaa said:
Boycott in full effect at Tulsa line goes all the way down the hangar hall em Let's eat
Yep only a 26% participation rate on the boycott!! Had my usual piece of fruit at 10:30...
Yep only a 26% participation rate on the boycott!! Had my usual piece of fruit at 10:30...
I'll be the first to tell you the TWU sucks, but I feel that we can all agree that AA abused the BK laws and used them to screw all their union employees. Boycotting was a way to tell them to stuff their chicken and their "Generosity" where the sun don't shine. Tulsa, you continue to disappoint me. These are the same guys who stood in line for a BBQ sandwich after management raped and pillaged our careers. I hope you got your chicken to go cause this coming summer lots of you will be headed out the door.
I can't begin to express my disgust with the contract voted on last year - I couldn't force myself to vote for it. Mine was a "NO" vote. When it passed, no doubt by union/company shenanigans, the writing on the wall became crystal clear - time to leave with at least a little something in my pocket by taking the early out offer, leaving in mid November 2012. It was the best mental health action I ever took.
What was once a dream job turned into a nightmare for anyone with principals. Some were able to walk away (as I did), some were stuck because of their age and couldn't leave without paying a rather severe financial penalty or simply wouldn't leave due their own fears. I feel sorry for those people, regardless of their reasoning.
This really isn't about boycotting a crappy BBQ feed or cold chicken & chips - the idea is to collectively tell the so-called "management" to go blow a goat and insuring the union leadership backs their membership 100% - something non-existant for the nearly 22 years I spent in that whorehouse as all of the union officers and other bastards were obviously for sale to the highest bidder.
The recent "changing of the guard" of the TWU reminded me of the process by which the old USSR changed its Premier except, of course, nobody caught a cold and disappeared. Same people in charge, but the names and faces have changed. No input from the citizen at large, at any rate.
There's life after the airlines, boys and girls. Getting out and away, at least for me, somewhat restored my sanity for which I'm thankful.
No better way to get a message of disdain across to an employer than to go where you're appreciated for your knowledge & skills, not taken avantage of but treated as a human being and not taken for granted like farm animals.
Gee...all of a sudden the TWU are big time unionists?
When they were negotiating with DP and US, did they NOT know that our IAM brothers DID NOT HAVE A CONTRACT FOR QUITE SOME TIME?  
When they negotiated our raise in lieu of profit sharing, did they not know our IAM brothers were being ignored?
This is their big leap into the world of what it means to be a union?
Isn't this the same union that got us to where we are today?
Isn't this the same you union many of us signed other unions' cards to free ourselves from?
And all they can come up with is "don't eat the fruit, cookies and cake?"
700UW said:
LAS US Breakroom, food untouched.
Oh, and when you're finished noshing here, the company doctor needs you to come over and get your glucose checked.
Hello Gentlemen,
Bob I am going to have to disagree with you on this one, I understand that you were against any and all of the concessions that we have taken BUT the TWU is taking ambiguity to a new level. First they jam a hugely concessionary contract down our throats and then tell us to call and write the DOJ and our congressman to support the merger. What are they Sybil? As far as any of my fellow mechanics who chose to boycott I do understand your displeasure but I think you derision is wholly misguided it is the TWU that should be blamed for this and every concessionary contract we have been stuck with. I show my displeasure with the TWU and the company by voting against each and every contract in my 28 1\2 years here at the company. If the TWU wanted to show them something why not a OT and field trip ban systemwide? Or how about we all perform our jobs to highest level of professionalism with the TWU's support? I personally have never listened to anyone who told me what to think or do. I'm hoping that before my career is over that we can replace this union with another and I hope not the IAM as it looks like they are just as weak as the TWU.
Steve Goeyvaerts (aka. Goey)