IAM to vote again


Aug 21, 2002
I agree. Gee why did we vote it down the first time. We are adults and we understood exactly what is going on. The union and the company never cease to amaze me. Let's just hope we get a true count of the votes. All of this lack of representation and they wonder why we are trying vote them out.


Aug 29, 2002
Lets take a separate vote and vote out the IAM. They must want AMFA. I voted NO once and I plan to vote No again. I'm more than willing to vote yes on a proposal that contains......
1 No money going to the IAM
2 IAM does not have the right to represent MDA before
those employees vote for representation.
3 I will only give back 1 week vacation for one year not
1 week for 7 years.
4 I will not pay retro
I can live with the pay cut, giving up paid lunch, and even the holiday/sick day loss. Now this company wants to scare me into voting yes. Not going to happen. Lets roll the dice, see you at the polls boys and girls. By the way did anyone see Southwest mechanics new contract? In 2007 they go to $42.81 an hour. We at that time would be about $30. Manage the airline not my paycheck. Southwest doesn't even need RJ's to do this. Hope you understand my NO vote this time IAM and USAirways. Who does the IAM represent anyway? NO ONE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cat 111

Aug 25, 2002
The IAM said it''s members were confused with the last vote so they will have another vote.(without changes)The only confusion is I didn''t get my AMFA card in earlier.

AP Tech

Sep 4, 2002
This entire process is turning out to be one big joke. The company and our so called union representative said we did not understand the contract. I guess I am a little slow. Gee guys lets just keep voting until it passes, thats how the democratic system works, Hacksaw Dave said we better or else!!! Well I voted NO the first time around with a few reservations and it will be a definite NO this time. AMFA here we come!!!!!